The scene that I’ve chosen might be a small scene, but it’s the starting point of a big scene where a lot of things change for the characters and, as a result, the movie.

This scene stands out to me the most because it’s quite witty yet there’s this serious undertone to it that quickly snaps us back to reality after the last couple of heartwarming scenes.

As it turns out, this scene is just a warm up to the havoc that the next few scenes cause. This scene is really at the heart of the movie and you can sort of split the movie in two from this scene.

Logan changes slightly in this scene as well. He’s been injured but when those people show up, he’s ready for them and doesn’t think or care at that moment about the consequences of his actions.

If you’ve seen Logan, I would love to know what your favourite scene from Logan is and why it’s your favourite scene. Feel free to comment below.