WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS from season four episode three of Sherlock!


Season four of Sherlock has come to a close so let’s take a look at what this episode had to offer.

1. Sherrinford

Sherrinford being a place rather than another brother or sister made more sense to me because how many lost siblings can they really have?

2. Moriarty

Andrew Scott’s Moriarty did make a return but not quite like what we were expecting. I thought the way they brought him into the episode was brilliant.

3. Redbeard

Sherlock’s dog was his best pal when he was growing up but we found out in this episode that he didn’t even exist and that Sherlock’s best friend was in fact a young boy.

4. Euros

Euros is a great villain and she helped Sherlock think about his actions more and made him see what’s most important to him.

5. The Ending

John Watson returning home to 221b Baker Street to live with Sherlock and Rosie closed the season – and maybe series – up nicely.

6. Season 5?

The ending doesn’t really leave us with any hope for future seasons and even though I love the series, I think now’s a good time for it to end.

The last episode of season four wrapped up everything well and saw Sherlock put things into perspective which, as we saw in the last couple of scenes, made him a better person.