Directed by Dan Gilroy
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Rene Russo
  • Riz Ahmed
Screenplay by Dan Gilroy
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller


UK Release Date 31st October 2014


When a desperate Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) manages to get into crime journalism in Los Angeles he starts to go between observer and participant to try to make ends meet. He gets a lucky break when Nina, a TV-news veteran, sees some of his work.

Is The Plot Interesting?

The plot complimented itself and got better and better as the movie went on. There wasn’t really any emotional parts however you do get invested in the main characters and want to see him succeed.


Is The Acting Good?

Jake Gyllenhaal really does do something amazing with this character. You have to see it to know what I mean but the way he portrays Louis Bloom brings him to life and makes him seem more real.

Is The Directing Good?

As far as I can tell from his IMDb page, this was Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut! Although I think Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance influences the movie’s tone more, he does do a great job at fine-tuning the movie.


Is The Cinematography Good?

The cinematography is very sharp and straight to the point. I liked the style of the movie and found it quite refreshing in some ways. Each scene had a certain feel to it that I really liked.

Is It Worth Watching?

This isn’t a movie I would have watched if it wasn’t for all the recommendations it was getting but I’m glad I did watch it. It showcased Jake Gyllenhaal at his best and provided a great story that I was interested in.


Why you pursue something is as important as what you pursue.

– Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom