Directed by Steven Spielberg
  • Tom Hanks
  • Mark Rylance
  • Austin Stowell
  • Amy Ryan
  • Jillian Lebling
  • Noah Schnapp
Screenplay by
  • Matt Charman
  • Ethan Coen
  • Joel Coen
Genre Drama, History, Thriller


UK Release Date 27th November 2015


During the Cold War, an American lawyer (Hanks) is hired to defend an arrested Soviet spy (Rylance). He thinks his work is done but he then has to help the CIA organise an exchange when Francis Gary Powers (Stowell), an American U2 spy plane pilot, is captured.

Is The Plot Interesting?

It’s a war movie, but without the typical aspects of a war movie. You don’t see any of the fighting; we see the backlash of it and what it does to the families back home. It’s a lot like The Imitation Game in that sense.


Is The Acting Good?

It takes an incredible actor to outshine Tom Hanks in a leading role and Mark Rylance does just that. His performance is very subtle but very powerful and is on point for his character.

Is The Directing Good?

There is a lot of tension building in this movie and Steven Spielberg handles this beautifully. He does it in such a way that you don’t even realise it’s happening. Perfect directing!


Is The Cinematography Good?

Bridge Of Spies is a well made film that has a clear style. I really liked this about the film because there are so many different war movies out now that it’s hard to separate one from the other.

Is It Worth Watching?

Bridge Of Spies is the type of movie where you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into as soon as the movie starts. It does a good job at differentiating itself from other war movies and has great performances all around.


Would it help?

– Mark Rylance as Rudolf Abel