WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS from season four episode two of Sherlock!


Another week has passed, another episode of Sherlock has been on our screens, so just like I did last week here are six points about episode two.

1. Culverton Smith

I thought serial killer Culverton Smith was a brilliant villain and was played perfectly by Toby Jones.

2. Mary

She might be dead but she’s still a massive part of the show. John just can’t manage life without her and begins to see her everywhere he goes.

3. Sherlock & John

This week’s episode saw Sherlock and John rebuild their friendship. Yes, Sherlock almost died but at least they’re friends again.

4. Euros

It turns out that Mycroft and Sherlock have a secret sister who, at the end of the episode, decided to kidnap John Watson!

5. Sherrinford

We might have found out about a secret sister but we still don’t know who Sherrinford is and why Mycroft needed to ring him at 2pm.

6. Moriarty

Ever since the last episode of season three we’ve been excited for Moriarty’s return but, after this week’s episode, I’m beginning to think that he might not be coming back!

There might be only one episode left in the season but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing and leave us wanting more.