Directed by
  • Chris Sanders
  • Kirk De Micco
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Emma Stone
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Catherine Keener
  • Cloris Leachman
  • Clark Duke
  • Chris Sanders
  • Randy Thom
Screenplay by
  • Chris Sanders
  • Kirk De Micco
Genre Animation, Adventure, Comedy


UK Release Date 22nd March 2013


After their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must make a journey through an unfamiliar world with the help of an inventive boy (Ryan Reynolds), who comes up with some pretty crazy ideas.

Is The Plot Interesting?

The Croods has an interesting premise, with lots of heartfelt moments incorporated into it. To be totally honest, the plot is quite simple if you think about it. The characters are what make this film unique, not the plot.


Is The Acting Good?

Emma Stone’s voice really suited her character. In fact, all the voice performances suited the characters; the movie was cast very well. The movie, in terms of performances, couldn’t have been improved on in my opinion.

Is The Directing Good?

Chris Sanders has had previous experiences with directing this type of movie and it shows. I have to admit, The Croods is a well-directed movie. It’s extremely focused which is down to the good directing from both Chris and¬†Kirk De Micco.


Is The Cinematography Good?

For an animated movie, The Croods has good cinematography. it’s use of movement, I thought, added emotional depth to the movie where it was needed and made it easier to keep engaged with the plot.

Is It Worth Watching?

The Croods is a perfect family film, and although kids will probably like it more, parents can take some enjoyment out of this adventure story. Not to mention the good directing and voice performances this movie has.


I… have… an… IDEA!

– Nicolas Cage as Grug