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Directed by Troy Miller
  • Michael Keaton
  • Kelly Preston
  • Joseph Cross
  • Mark Addy
Screenplay by
  • Mark Steven Johnson
  • Steve Bloom
  • Jonathan Roberts
  • Jeff Cesario
Genre Comedy, Family, Drama


UK Release Date 12th February 1999


A year after Jack’s (Michael Keaton) tragic death in a car accident on Christmas Day, he is magically brought back to life as a snowman on the family lawn. When they are given a second chance, him and his son (Joseph Cross) struggle to make up for lost time.

Is The Plot Interesting?

The plot has a lot of heart to it and is very deep at times. This is exactly what the movie needed though because if it wasn’t the movie would have fell flat and wouldn’t have been true to the story.


Is The Acting Good?

I found the acting to be just middle-of-the-road in a lot of ways. Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston are both good in the movie, but not amazing. The same goes for Joseph Cross and Mark Addy.

Is The Directing Good?

Troy Miller’s directing style didn’t really shine through. And from what I saw onscreen, it seemed like he didn’t have much effect on the tone of the movie. Personally, I think the directing didn’t work well with the plot.


Is The Cinematography Good?

The cinematography was powerful in certain parts of the movie but it wasn’t very consistent. If it had been, I know it would have added more emotion to the movie and given the movie much more meaning.

Is It Worth Watching?

It might not be one of my favourite Christmas movies, but it is still a movie you should definitely think about watching in December… mainly because of its heartfelt and warm plot.


I am the wizard of blizzard!

– Michael Keaton as Jack Frost