Harry Potter Week – Day #7

10. Sleeping Draught

Helps the user sleep.

8. Essence Of Dittany

Heels wounds.

Essence Of Dittany

8.¬†Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion

Makes the user’s hair more manageable.

7. Polyjuice Potion

Changes the user into somebody else.

Polyjuice Potion

6. Cure For Boils

Cures boils.

5. Veritaserum

Makes the user answer any questions truthfully.


4. Elixir Of Life

Extends the life of the user.

3. Draught Of Living Death

Makes the user go into a death like sleep.

Draught Of Living Death

2. Pepperup Potion

Cures the common cold.

1. Felix Felicis

Gives the user lots of luck.

Felix Felicis