Directed by Jon Favreau
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Terrence Howard
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Paul Bettany
  • Jon Favreau
Screenplay by
  • Mark Fergus
  • Hawk Ostby
  • Art Marcum
  • Matt Holloway
Genre Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi


UK Release Date 2nd May 2008


After being kidnapped by terrorists, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) builds an armoured suit to escape. Upon returning to America Stark refines the suit and uses it to fight crime and terrorism.

Is The Plot Interesting?

Iron Man has always interested me, so when an Iron Man origin story was brought to the big screen I was naturally drawn to it. Watching Tony Stark become Iron Man was very entertaining.


Is The Acting Good?

One of my favourite parts of the film is how Robert Downey Jr. portrays Tony Stark. Tony Stark is a cocky, arrogant and conceited character but a character that you love all the same and he captures that perfectly.

Is The Directing Good?

Jon Favreau multi-tasks in Iron Man, he performs as Hogan and directs the movie, and he does this really well. You can tell he is giving good direction off-screen and taking his own advice into account for his performance.

Iron Man 1

Is The Cinematography Good?

The way they’ve shot the scenes in which Tony Stark is in the Iron Man suit is quite interesting and I enjoyed watching those scenes although not for long because watching a scene with only one shot can get a bit tiresome in my opinion.

Is It Worth Watching?

The plot is engaging, the performances are really good, the directing is pretty much spot on and it’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe… the question is why wouldn’t you watch it?


The truth is… I am Iron Man.

– Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark