Directed by David Yates
  • Alexander Skarsgard
  • Margot Robbie
  • Samuel L. Jackson
Screenplay by
  • Adam Cozad
  • Craig Brewer
Genre Drama, Action, Adventure


UK Release Date 6th July 2016


John Clayton (Alexander Skarsgard), previously known as Tarzan, is on a trip with his wife Jane (Margot Robbie) and colleague George (Samuel L. Jackson). When things start to go wrong he’s got to become Tarzan once more to save his wife and his old home.

Is The Plot Interesting?

If you’re a Tarzan fan you probably will be more interested in it than people who aren’t but as a person who isn’t a huge fan of Tarzan but knew his story I found the story gripping and intriguing.

The Legend Of Tarzan 2

Is The Acting Good?

Margot Robbie justs keeps getting better and better over time. It isn’t her best performance but it’s solid. Alexander Skarsgard and Samuel L. Jackson are pretty decent as well but it’s Margot Robbie who steals the show in terms of acting.

Is The Directing Good?

I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter so when I saw David Yates was directing the film I was excited to see where he took it. He did a better job at directing the last four movies of the Harry Potter series than The Legend Of Tarzan but it was still good directing from him.

The Legend Of Tarzan 1

Is The Cinematography Good?

The cinematography is way better than I expected it to be; there are some really nice shots in The Legend Of Tarzan. They not only add to the adventure side of this movie but also the comedic side.

Is It Worth Watching?

I think if you do watch The Legend Of Tarzan you’ll be slightly surprised by it. You probably won’t watch it again unless it’s on TV but it’s not a complete waste of money at all.


He is no normal man. He was thought to be a spirit, a ghost in the trees. No man ever started with less.

– Margot Robbie as Jane Clayton