• Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Martin Freeman
  • Una Stubbs
  • Mark Gatiss
Created by
  • Mark Gatiss
  • Steven Moffat
Genre Drama, Mystery


UK Release Date 1st January 2012


Sherlock is back with his pal John Watson fighting crime. Moriarty, their most deadly villain, is ready for them! Will they be able to defeat him and put him behind bars for good?

Is The Plot Interesting? 

Did you like season one of Sherlock? If the answer is yes then you’re going to find the plot interesting but if not you won’t. It’s very much a continuation of the last season in the sense that it answers a lot of questions asked in season one.

Sherlock s2 Pic 2

Is The Acting Good?

The acting in Sherlock just keeps getting better. You think Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman can’t get any better than season one but they do! They really are two of the best in the business.

Is The Directing Good?

The directing in Sherlock season two hasn’t changed much since season one. It has different directors each episode but it helps the series because each mystery is different and effects the characters in different ways.

Sherlock s2 Pic 1

Is The Cinematography Good?

Like in season one there are some really unique and beautiful shots and even more that I’ve never seen before. The cinematography in Sherlock just keeps surprising me each episode.

Is It Worth Watching?

If you loved season one of Sherlock, like I did, you will love season two. There’s not only more drama but there’s better mysteries and it follows on from last season to answer the questions that weren’t answered in the last one.


Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.

– Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes