• Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Martin Freeman
  • Una Stubbs
  • Mark Gatiss
Created by
  • Mark Gatiss
  • Steven Moffat
  • Stephen Thompson
Genre Drama, Mystery


UK Release Date 25th July 2010


John Watson (Freeman) has just come back from war in Afghanistan. Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch) is in need of a new roommate. A friend introduces them to each other and from their they go solving crimes together in central London.

Is The Plot Interesting?

This is a detective series so you expect the mysteries to change every episode and yes they do but there are always references to previous cases which I like because it’s unrealistic if they don’t. The mysteries are all good and keep you at the edge of your seat.

Sherlock season 1.jpg

Is The Acting Good?

The acting in Sherlock season one is amazing! Benedict Cumberbatch was made to play Sherlock just as Martin Freeman was made to play John Watson. There chemistry is amazing and I love watching them on-screen.

Is The Directing Good?

Each episode has a different director so each episode does have a slightly different tone. I think it helps the series though because each mystery is different so it will have a different effect on the characters and that shows through the directors style.

Is The Cinematography Good?

This is the first TV series where I’ve noticed the cinematography. Most movies don’t have as good cinematography as this show does. There are some really unique and beautiful shots that I’ve never seen before.

Is It Worth Watching?

I started watching it after season three was released so I binge-watched all three seasons and Sherlock is now my favourite TV series of all time and I can’t wait for the next season to come on our screens. It is definitely worth a watch!


I am not a psycho path, I am a high-functioning sociopath.

– Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes