Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Kevin Hart
  • Danielle Nicolet
Screenplay by
  • Ike Barinholtz
  • David Stassen
  • Rawson Marshall Thurber
Genre Crime, Action, Comedy


UK Release Date 1st July 2016


Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), after meeting up with an old friend over facebook (Dwayne Johnson), is dragged into the world of international espionage when he is the only one who can help his old friend.

Is The Plot Interesting?

The plot is fun and entertaining but it can sometimes take itself too seriously. It switches between comedy and action which can make it jarring at times but it’s a very minor complaint.

central intelligence pic

Is The Acting Good?

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have great on-screen chemistry… there is no denying that. They are the next comedy duo in my opinion. I hope they bring out more movies together soon.

Is The Directing Good?

To be honest I don’t think the director had any affect on the movie. Rawson Marshall Thurber has proved in the past that he can do comedy but I still don’t think his directing style contributed to the movie.

central intelligence therapy

Is The cinematography Good?

Like the directing, the cinematography doesn’t really have an affect on the movie. It doesn’t contribute to the overall result we saw on the screen. There are no shots that stand out and make you wonder how they got them.

Is It Worth Watching?

If you’re after a fun movie this is defintely it. It’s a lot of fun and Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have great on-screen chemistry that will have you laughing most of time. It can just be a little jarring when it switches between action and comedy.


Spoiler Alert! I’m in the CIA.

– Dwayne Johnson as Bob Stone